Toward zero waste, Australian students to pack out trash

Students at one Australian school will soon be bringing home more than just their homework at the end of each day. They’ll be taking their trash, too.

Melbourne Girls’ College is set to launch a new initiative this school year that aims to create what they hope will be a zero-waste environment by having students carry out their garbage.

The principal of the school says the plan is aimed at raising the consciousness of its 1,400 student body with the hope the ideas of reusing, recycling, and repurposing, will stick with them.

“If we can get that message through to our students and to their wider family, community, then it’s going to have a ripple effect,” Karen Money told CNN affiliate ABC Radio Melbourne.

One thing they’ll notice for sure — the classrooms will have no trash cans.

There will be three “exception bins,” the principle said, where students can dispose of things that might be too difficult to take home. She added that there will also be recycling stations that students will be able to utilize.

Money told ABC Radio Melbourne that part of the aim if to have students bring their lunch in containers made from recycled plastic. She also hopes they will minimize the use of disposable wrapping and packaging.

“We’re just trying to make it about education,” she said. “Not everyone is convinced yet, but I think we at least need to give it a go.”