Total Joint Replacement Quiz

Check your Total Joint Replacement IQ

1. True or False. A good recovery is more likely if you follow all of your surgeon’s instructions concerning wound care, diet and exercise during the first few weeks after surgery.

2. For most people, total joint replacement provides which of the following?
A. Pain relief
B. Improved mobility
C. Better quality of life
D. All of the above

3. True or False. After recovery, you can enjoy low-impact activities such as swimming, biking or golfing.

4. People who need knee replacement surgery usually experience which of the following?
A. Trouble climbing stairs
B. Hip pain
C. Moderate knee pain at rest
D. Both A and C

5. True or False. The most common reason for knee or hip replacement surgery is to relieve pain and damage caused by arthritis.

6. Hip replacement surgery may be an option for people who experience which of the following?
A. Pain that interferes with daily activities
B. More conservative treatments haven’t helped
C. Knee pain
D. Both A and B

7. True or False. During surgery, your knee is in a bent position to expose all surfaces of the joint.

8. True or False. Your prosthetic hip joint may wear out eventually.

Click here for the answers.


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