Tornado devastation in Missouri hits close to home for Onalaska Police Chief

ONALASKA, Wis.- A tornado killed at least 116 people and wiped half the town of Joplin, Missouri off the map.

Onalaska Police Chief Jeff Trotnic lived in Joplin for 20 years before moving here.
He says the devastation is
incredible. His daughter still lives there. He says she is ok and so far most of his friends are too.

He also says chances are when the names of those killed are released, he’ll know some of them. “Your talking about
a city that’s spread out a little bit wider than La Crosse so it’d be like La Crosse losing 40 percent of their city,
so it’s quite traumatic,” says Trotnic

The search for tornado survivors is being hampered by more storms, but crews pulled more than a dozen people from
the rubble alive earlier Monday.