‘Topless Tour’ visits Great River Road

More than 200 topless cars and 400 people are traveling the Great River Road as part of the annual OpenAir Classic convertible tour. 

Participants stopped at Rudy’s in La Crosse Friday morning as one of many stops on the 4-day tour. 

“It’s neat talking to all of the people,” said Rudy’s manager Justin Smith. “We’ve had people this morning from Texas, Florida, Connecticut, all over.” 

The convertibles tour includes attractions, wineries, historic sites, art galleries, pubs, cheese stores, drive-ins, shops and even a special roadside market. 

“You have a grid to follow and you have different check points you have to stop at,” said Mark Senz. He and his wife Gloria came from Beloit to be part of the Topless Tour. 

Gloria said she likes the tour because there are so many “things you don’t get a chance to see because you’re always in a hurry. This is leisure. It’s just fun.” 

They will continue to explore parts of Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota along the Mississippi River’s Great River Road. This is the 21st year for the open air tours.