Top Notch Teacher November 2019: Lori Meyer

Now in her 26th year of teaching, Lori Meyer believes education lays the foundation for everything else. That’s why she works hard to get her students at Southern Bluffs Elementary to love learning.

In her classroom, Meyer has a special task for her fourth grade class. Using a marshmallow, uncooked spaghetti, some string and tape, the students have to build the tallest structure possible.

“Thumbs-up if you’re ready for a challenge,” said Meyer as she flashed a thumbs-up to the class. “Always, right.”

As an educator, Meyer tries to help her students create a pathway to success, no matter the challenges. She’s constantly giving support as she walks around the classroom.

“For some, it’s easier than others,” Meyer said.

That means giving clear directions and helpful hints to keep students going in the right direction.

“She just like kind of explains the directions that I didn’t get and then I just get the whole thing,” said Thomas B., one of her students.

Meyer wants them to get through those difficulties.

“She really helps me learn step by step,” Thomas said.

It’s the variety that Vivian K. enjoys most about the class.

“We get to do group work, and then we get to do partner work, and then we get to do work on our own and work as a class,” said Vivian.

As a fourth grade teacher, Meyer wants the students to get into good habits academically and behaviorally.

“With their organization, with studying, with reading. I think those can follow them on through middle school and high school and then the rest of their lives,” Meyer said.

She sets expectations by being a positive role model because the kids are always watching.

“I model what I expect my students to do both academically and behaviorally and usually they are able to hit that target,” Meyer said.

It’s her hope to help the kids get a desire and passion for learning.

“I continue to learn every single day,” Meyer said.

It they find their love for learning, she said, “That can take them anywhere.”

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