Top Notch Teacher May 2020

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)– Teaching those with disabilities has always come naturally to West Salem Middle School Resource Teacher, Amy Marshall.

“After high school I worked in a group home setting with people who had developmental disabilities, and I loved what I did.”

Marshall teaches a group of 18 7th grade students. She said the most fulfilling part of teaching is seeing students understand concepts for themselves.

“When they have those light bulb, ‘aha’ moments, you really get to cherish that and appreciate that because it doesn’t always come easy for students who have special needs or who struggle in school.”

And the struggle is real, especially with the recent transition to online learning.

“The communication component takes up a lot more time.”

Luckily for Marshall, she has regular zoom calls with her students.

She checks in on their learning and repeats homework concepts all to get a feel for life during quarantine.

“Walking in to a quiet building it kind of hits you that this is it for us and we won’t get to say that true ‘goodbye.'”

Although she feels they won’t get the proper goodbye, she knows they will continue to succeed.

“They can do anything that they want to do, it might be challenging but it’s okay and challenging is good. But to also know that if they need help or need a person to talk to that I’m always available and always there.”