Top Notch Teacher: Logan Middle School’s Miss Honey shares experience

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — Tory-Kale Schulz, creative producer here at News8Now, got to step into the classroom of Lee Honey, a teacher at Logan Middle School who has used her incredible life experiences to benefit the students she educates.  We recognize her as this month’s Top Notch Teacher. 

“I love learning and I think that learning is lifelong. I’m living my dream,” Honey said.

The story of Ms. Lee Honey starts like so many who take up the profession of education. Where they teach.

But the incredible story of Ms. Honey shifts immediately to her degree.

“That I got in the 80s. And then I stayed home for 26 years,” Honey said.

She earned a degree, then stayed home. But the why is essential to what made her what she is today.

“I had a little guy with special needs. Um, he had lissencephaly and he’s in Heaven now. And he’s part of my teaching story. While he may not have been doing academically what his peers were doing, he was learning what he should be learning along with his peers,” she said.

Honey has a special heart for special education

“You can include children who may make a little more noise, might need a little more movement, but students are very resilient and they can learn to perform in a classroom if it’s not exactly what you expect,” Honey said.

But Ms Honey has more to her story that makes her who she is. It dates back to her father.

“This really should be in a book. His daddy died. They already lived in a one-room shack. They already lived in poverty. So, they literally used to put my daddy in a dumpster for food. Like, they had nothing. My dad did not go to school one winter because he didn’t have shoes. Big part of my story. He remembers being too embarrassed to ask for lead. So, no student in my classroom—in this entire building–will ever ask for pencil,” Honey said.

A special education teacher who has a profound heart for all, and has the steadfast passion to engrain in her students—so that it is in their being of who they are— that they are capable, they are able, that they can, and they will.

A teacher who gives so much because of what made her.

“Top-notch students make top-notch teachers. Do you think I could teach without any of you? No,” Honey said. “Every single day that I’m driving to school, I’m happier when I get here than when I left home. I love these children and I look forward to being with them.”

Honey might describe herself as a flibbertigibbet to those fortunate enough to hear her incredible stories, but what she loves most of all, is hearing her students read the stories found in books and become better readers. She says readers learn to read by reading, reading, reading.