Top 10 List of things our community will miss about David Letterman

David Letterman, one of late night’s longest running hosts, will say goodbye on “The Late Show” on Wednesday.

The “Late Show” airs on WKBT after News 8 at Ten.

We asked people in the La Crosse area in-person and on our WKBT News8000 Facebook page what they will miss about Letterman. Here’s their Top Ten List, in honor of the late-night comedian:

10. “As odd as it sounds, the pencil toss.”  – Matt Kuhn

9. “Jack Hanna…loved those segments!!!” – Lisa Arnold-Paulson

8. “He’s a great interviewer. The music. I regret I never got a chance to see it live.” – Kyle Prentice

7. “I think his earlier shows when he would interview people you wouldn’t expect. Sometimes he’d be a little befuddled.” -Matt Alioto

6. “Reruns.” – Chuck Oedsma, WKBT News 8 chief photographer

5. “Definitely the gap in his teeth.” -Emily Lodoen

4. “His love of (and frequent guests!) The Foo Fighters! Love me some Foo and Dave Grohl!” – Lara Marcheske

3. “Biff Henderson, Rupert Jee, Alan Kalter, and all the other great side characters.” – Dan Speer

2. “His monologue at the beginning. His monologues were always really great.” – Kim Clemmerson; “His nightly monologue – he was an equal opportunity basher.” -Cheryl Hancock

1. “I think everyone is going to miss the Top 10 List.” -Tyler Ludeking