Tomah VA honors vets, focuses on improving community awareness for invisible injuries

Part of Veterans Day celebrations

The Tomah Veterans Assistance Medical Center also honored those who served Thursday.

The event focused on improving community awareness for the needs of veterans suffering from invisible injuries like post-traumatic stress disorder.

The keynote speaker, who was named ‘Wisconsin Woman Veteran of the Year’, talked about her experience caring for her son who was injured in the Iraq war. She mentioned how everyone in a community has a role to play in improving the life and care of veterans.

“We cut our teeth on lessons from the Vietnam War and the veterans who came back from that. If we haven’t learned those lessons by now, shame on us. It’s a 50 year cohort of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and the V.A. cannot do this job all by itself,” said Navy Veteran Connie Walker.

The speaker says anyone can help improve care for veterans by making them feel like an accepted part of our society.