Tomah VA holds grand opening for new building

Recreation Therapy Building now open

The Tomah VA Medical Center held a ceremony for the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War in a new recreation therapy building, which also held it’s grand opening on Tuesday.

Over 100 veterans were at the celebration.  

The Tomah VA’s public affairs officer says the timing for the ceremony and the grand opening to happen on the same day was “serendipitous”.

“We knew the building was coming open and we knew that it might be pushing timelines a little bit but our construction partners and everyone, as we started asking the question – Can we have it here? – and about a month or so ago, they gave us the big thumbs up and said yes you can absolutely do it in that building,” said public affairs officer Matthew Gowan.

The building was under construction for nearly two years.

It’s a recreation therapy building, and will offer veterans a different way to go through therapy, using music or arts and crafts.

The Medical Center’s project supervisor says new facilities like this help build on the VA’s rich history.

“There’s a lot of legacy here at the Tomah VA Medical Center and at this point and time, building these new buildings, we look at that legacy even farther in the future providing more services for veterans, for those that served the country,” said project supervisor Marvin Schaeitel.

The Tomah VA is also working on what’s called a 75-bed facility.  It’s used for rehabilitation purposes.  The hope is for that building to open later this year.