Tomah VA breaks ground on new veterans ‘Small Homes’

Veterans staying on the Tomah VA Hospital campus long-term will soon have a more comfortable space to live in.

The Tomah VA broke ground Tuesday on 2 new ‘Small Homes,’ able to house 20 veterans in total. They are being built in addition to the campus’ 2 current ‘Small Homes’ to create a community veterans can join.

Veterans will be able to live in the homes for the rest of their lives if needed, with staff available to help with things like housekeeping and cooking.

“These veterans love it. They have a lot of freedom, they come and go as they want, we have shuttles. It’s like living in their own little neighborhood in a safe way,” said Tomah VA Medical Center Director Victoria Brahm.

The Tomah VA ‘Small Homes’ should be ready by May of next year.