Tomah Area School District board considers Confederate flag clothing ban

The Tomah Area School District is considering a ban on clothing featuring the Confederate flag.

The district’s Indian Education Committee submitted a letter about the issue to the board earlier this month. Committee members believe the Confederate flag promotes an atmosphere of hate and racial provocation at the high school, according to the meeting’s minutes.

The request called for the ban to affect students during school hours and on school property.

Superintendent Cindy Zahrte said the district has informed students in the past that they could not fly the Confederate flag on their vehicles in the school parking lot. Students have complied with the stance.

“Officially banning clothing with the Confederate flag is being recommended because we have an issue with Confederate flag clothing being worn and minority students feeling harassed and intimidated by this. The District is required to create a safe learning environment for all students, free from bullying and harassment,” Zahrte said in a statement. “Regardless of one’s opinion on what the Confederate flag represents, when students indicate they don’t feel safe due to its presence in school, we have a responsibility to act.”

The school board’s president said there will be a meeting on February 4th to discuss and possibly take action on the issue.

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