Tips to keep your home heated for less

Kroner's Hardware in downtown La Crosse suggests finding drafts

Chilly temperatures mean home heating systems will be working harder to stay warm.

There are ways to help cut energy costs though.

The US Department of Energy recommends opening south facing window curtains on sunny days, allowing the sunlight to naturally heat the home. Thermostats can also be scaled back, especially with a programmable thermostat, to turn the temperature down at least 10 degrees. Doing that for eight hours a day could save around 10-percent on annual heating bills.

Kroner’s Hardware in downtown La Crosse also suggests finding where the heat is escaping from the home.

“Find out where your biggest drafts are, like I say, underneath doors are the biggest, I have not been in a house yet where there’s a good deal right where the threshold is,” said Kroner’s Hardware Sales Associate Mark Flottmeyer.

Kroner’s recommends things like heavy duty plastic for windows or simply putting a heavy coat in front of a door to keep the warm air in.