Tips for healthy Halloween

Halloween is on Tuesday and that means kids eating more candy. For kids, that is exciting, but for parents who want them to eat healthy, it can be a challenge.

Heath experts recommend tips like practicing moderation. They say to let your child eat as much as they would like the first night then one or two pieces each day after.

Dietitians at Gundersen also say to consider the safety risks. “Never let your children eat any treats or candy that is homemade unless you know who made that candy. Also consider allergens so things like nuts we know is in a lot of candies and treats,” Gundersen Dietitian Cindy Solis said.

Other tips dietitians at Gundersen had were limiting sugar intake of your child in other areas such as juices, practicing moderation, choosing healthier options or toys to give out, or letting your child trade some candy for a new toy or book.