Third annual Bountiful Gardens Tour takes place in La Crosse

People were out exploring local gardens for a good cause Saturday.

The Hillview Urban Agriculture Center hosted the third annual bountiful gardens tour Saturday afternoon.

The tour gives people the chance to explore 12 community and private gardens in the area.

Those attending the tour were also able to learn different gardening techniques from local gardeners.

Andrea Schaefer, program coordinator for Hillview Urban Agriculture Center said the event is a good way to promote the benefits of growing your own food.

“It’s really important to know how to grow your own food,” Schaefer said. “I think in generations as they’ve come along has lost that ability and so I think it’s really important to kind of get back to our roots and know how to grow your own food, and know where it comes from instead of just the grocery store.”

“Even supporting your local farmer at the farmers market is an important thing even if you don’t have enough space to grow all of your food yourself.”

Around 100 people attended the garden tour this year.

Money raised from the ticket sales will go toward Hillview’s programs.