Third annual “Big Latch On” event held at Myrick Park

It is World Breast-feeding Week, and a worldwide tradition is aiming to raise awareness of breast-feeding.

For the third year, the “Big Latch On” event took place at Myrick park Saturday Morning.

The event gathered local mothers as they breast-feed or pump as a way for mothers to help get rid of the stigma attached to breast-feeding.

The global event started in New Zealand in 2005, after the founder saw mothers being publicly shamed for breast-feeding.

Abbie Loos, nutrition educator for La Crosse County, said it’s important for the community to understand the benefits of breast-feeding.

“That’s the hope with the big latch on is just again that mom to mom support and letting moms know they can feed their baby wherever and whenever they need, whether it’s here at the park, the store, or home. Breast-feeding is a normal and natural thing for families to do,” Loos said.

Thirty-eight mothers took part in the “Big Latch On” event Saturday morning.