There is still room for romance, a rush for roses on Valentine’s Day

How La Crosse businesses say the pandemic is impacting one of their busiest days of the year

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Every holiday has been different this past year because of the pandemic, and that includes Valentine’s Day.

People are staying home, capacity at restaurants are limited, and wallets are empty. It can seem like some of the sweetness has been taken out of what is typically a lovely holiday. But businesses in La Crosse assure you that the romance is still alive.

The Charmant Hotel in downtown is a popular place to bring your Valentine, and even with restrictions in place, it’s still expected to stay busy throughout the weekend.

General Manager Michel Gabbud says reservations are filling up quickly, but there is still plenty of room for romance.

“We’re almost fully booked we have a few tables available early and after 8:30 p.m. or if people are interested in booking a room, we do have some rooms available between Friday and Monday as well,” says Gabbud. “But generally speaking, I think, we haven’t seen any decrease in interest.”

One business that certainly hasn’t seen a decrease in interest is Monet Flowers & Gifts.

Over 200 orders for flower deliveries have already been placed and that number is expected to increase substantially over the next few days. However, this influx in deliveries isn’t unusual.

The pandemic hasn’t impacted the process of delivering flowers either, with extra roses and staff on-hand, however, the protocol has changed.

“All of our delivery people will of course be wearing masks,” says Monet Flowers & Gifts Vice President, Patrick Foley. “We have to get their phone numbers, so hopefully, they’ll be calling so people can come to the door to be expecting it, so they have a mask also.”

Foley says that if you walk-in to pick up an order you are also required to wear a mask.

Monet Flowers & Gifts will have extended hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. To place an order contact 608-785-7070.

The Charmont Hotel¬† is offering brunch and dinner specials Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and take out from it’s Valentine’s Day menu. To make a reservation for the restaurant or for a room you can visit or contact 608-519-8800.