Theft investigation leads to psychedelic mushroom operation bust

La Crosse Police arrested three subjects on drug charges after following up on a theft complaint investigation on Monday.

Officers made contact with the suspect of the theft at 1014 Pine St. Apartment when they noted an overwhelming odor of burnt marijuana emitting from the apartment.

During this investigation, Officers also observed a large glass jar of marijuana in plain view and what appeared to be a Psilocybin mushroom grow operation in the apartment.

Officers obtained a search warrant, conducted a search of the apartment, and recovered 47.4 grams of raw marijuana bud, 244.9 grams of edible THC candy gummies, 173 grams of edible THC Candy, 15.2 grams of chocolate taffy THC Candy, 151.7 grams sublingual oral tincture with 100mg THC, 10.4 grams of Psilocybin mushrooms in plastic sandwich bags, 7 rubberized containers with THC oil residue, a scale, and 14 half-gallon glass jars containing the beginning stages of Psilocybin mushroom spores.

$1,125.00, 50 rounds of .22 ammunition, and 43 rounds of 9MM ammunition were also found.

Austin Kaufmann, 21, of La Crosse, Alissa Arenz, 24, also of La Crosse and Hunter Mathison, 19, of Onalaska were all arrested. 

Kaufmann was previously convicted on felony charges of manufacturer/delivery of THC and possession with intent to deliver THC in April 2015.