The Winter Rec-Fest Medallion found

The 2019 La Crosse Winter Rec-Fest Medallion has been found.

Rick Gardner located the medallion at the Dog Park near Myrick Park. The Snowflake medallion was found attached to a tree near the dog park at the end of East Avenue, just north of Oak Grove Cemetery. Gardner wins $500 for finding the medallion.

Here are all of the clues:

Clue 1 An adventurous location. Yet, restrictions.
Clue 2 Where old friends may gather to rekindle old times.
Clue 3 Traffic slows and traffic stops.
Clue 4 O give me land. Lots of land.
Clue 5 Nary a neighborhood nearby.
Clue 6 An old-timer and athletes give pause
Clue 7 Nestled next to bark, find one tree among many.
Clue 8 An end becomes a beginning.
Clue 9 Where are you? Max and Bella
Clue 10 Headline: Man’s Best Friend Points the Way to Snowflake

The City of La Crosse Parks and Recreation shared the clue meanings: (some clues were written from a dog’s perspective)

1. a place to run and jump, but still fenced in
2. a place for old friend dogs to hook up
3. cars must stop at East Avenue dead end and must either park or turn back
4. opening line of “Don’t Fence Me In”
5. can’t see any houses
6. Nathan Myrick Drive and nearby UW-L ball field also, “paws”
7. attached to a tree also, “bark” as in barking dog
8. East Avenue is a dead end, goes directly to a marsh trail
9. Two most popular male and female dog names
10. pretty obvious

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