The School District of La Crosse considers all options for what classes will look like in the fall

The district is

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – La Crosse School District Superintendent Randy Nelson says the plan for the fall semester remains unclear.

However, the district is working to consider all options for what school will look like for teachers and students.

He says summer school will likely be online for students but there could be some opportunities for small in-person classes.

Nelson says the fall isn’t going to be comfortable like it usually is and people need to prepare for an unusual start.

“It’s very likely that we are not going to start school in the fall the way we ended school in March. I think that we are gonna have to be making plans to do some things in shifts. I think that we probably will have some parents who will still decide no matter how you plan to do it in the fall and no matter what kind of safety procedures you put in place. I’m still not comfortable having my child in school.”

Nelson says the district plans to follow county health officials’ guidance when making decisions for the fall.

He says discussions are already taking place in regard to year-round schools like Hamilton and Northside.

“We are planning on what we can do to start school for those students in July. Our district is going to have to be agile because some of these things could change in a matter of 48 hours.”

Nelson says there are a lot of moving pieces including transportation.

The district also has to figure out how to monitor students when they go into buildings.