The Pump House brings back the Herons of La Crosse

The Heron statues from the Pump House public art project “Herons of La Crosse” are making a comeback for an anniversary celebration.

The 6-foot-tall sculptures were originally displayed in 2008 and are an original work of art created by local, regional, and national artists, according to a news release.

The Pump House, in partnership with Downtown Mainstreet, Inc. and Explore La Crosse, would like to make them available again this summer with a “flock” exhibition of over 20 artistic birds opening this spring in downtown. Organizers are asking the community to chip in to bring the “Herons of La Crosse” back to the area. The Herons are currently being stored at Central States Warehouse but need paint, structural and other repairs to get them ready for summer 2018.

Area businesses, organizations and families sponsored individual herons when the project first began in 2004 and regional artists decorated them to reflect their sponsorship and the community.

“The Herons of La Crosse project was a great example of cooperation among artists, businesses and community leaders but we need the community’s support to keep it rolling” said Toni Asher, executive director of the Pump House Regional Arts Center.

The public can contribute at toward the fundraising goal of $10,000. The Pump House is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization; donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Pledge $5 or more
Good vibes for being a public art supporter

Pledge $25 or more
Digital “Thank You” Gif sent to your email

Pledge $50 or more
Limited edition Bronze Heron poster signed by project sculpture fabricator, Dave Oswald

Pledge $100 or more
Your name printed in Official Heron Birding Brochure & Map

Pledge $250 or more
Heron print on canvas taken by La Crosse area Photographer Bob Good

Pledge $500 or more
Your sponsorship acknowledged on the heron sculpture of your choice (subject to availability)