The La Crosse Police Department updates its Transparency in Policing page.

It includes calls for service and enforcement actions, use of force, training and demographics

Transparency in Policing is something more communities are asking for to prevent abuse by law enforcement but also to build better relationships in the communities they serve.

Just today, the La Crosse Police Department updated the information included on their Transparency in Policing page.

Lt. Avrie Schott says, “There’s also a few other tabs in there that’ll let you look at what our calls for service are. What kind of training does the La Crosse Police Department go through. It will talk about our budget and overtime. ”

You can check out more on their website .

The two published reports include our 2020 Annual Report, which is a review of information regarding various bureaus and divisions in the La Crosse Police Department; and the Professional Standards Report, which is a resource developed to increase our effort in transparency and includes information about departmental awards and recognition, the complaint and internal investigation processes, and the Code of Conduct Policy.