The Haunting of Ferry Street creates Halloween fun for trick-or-treaters

Complete with a pirate ship, cannon, and pirates

There’s one family in our area that’s taking ‘trick or treating’ to a whole new level.

“This is new for this year…the working cannon,” says Marshall Quackenboss.

It’s not you average house that hands out candy on Halloween night.

“The ship’s wheel is the only thing that I’ve bought and everything else, I designed and built,” says Quackenboss.

This is the Haunting on Ferry Street.

“It had a nice ring to it,” states Quakenboss.

It all started back in 2007 when the Quackenboss family first moved to Ferry Street.

“We moved in October and brought some Tombstones with us and decided let’s set this up, let’s start Halloween,” says Heather Quakenboss. “So for the last nine years, it’s gotten bigger.”

“We knew we were in a great neighborhood, we had great neighbors, we had a lot of support for it,” says Marshall.

So much support that now it’s become a yearly tradition for the neighborhood.

“I’ve been mowing the lawn in the middle of the summer, and a person walking the dog stopped and looked at me and asked me what’s Halloween going to be this year,” says Marshall.

The answer? A pirate ship.

“We have a large pirate ship on our lawn,” laughs Heather.

It has the music, Captain Jack Sparrow, and even a working cannon… sort of.

The cannon is the family favorite of the pirate ship.

But it’s not as easy as simply sailing the seven seas right here to the Coulee Region. Work on the ship started in early September.

The whole family is involved for the month and the night of Halloween they will all be in costume all night.

Now it’s become a staple not only in the Quackenboss’ front yard, but in the community. Bringing together, land lovers, buccaneers, and sea dogs alike.

“It’s a project that we can use our creative outlets that we might not get to and it’s also bringing people together,” says Heather. “We see people that we don’t see we got to do things and dress up as people that we’re not and it’s just fun.”

You can find out more by going to Facebook and searching for The Haunting of Ferry Street.