‘The Coulee Loot Club’ launches to reach customers right at home

Local businesses are getting creative to find new ways to engage with their customers

During this pandemic local businesses have had to get creative to reach their customers, many of which are not venturing out to shop like they used to do.

Some local business owners put their heads together and came up with what’s called ‘The Coulee Loot Club’.
It’s local small businesses including organizations like the Children’s Museum, 4-H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and The Parenting Place.

This is their virtual way of reaching out to families who are at home due to the restricted mobility during COVID.

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Vicki Markussen is the Founder of a new website called ‘Engage Greater La Crosse’, and is working with this new endeavor to help local business, “So the Coulee Loot Club is a chance for people to remain connected. Connected to our local non-profits, connected to our small businesses because across the board everyone is hurting. Whether they can’t hold events, whether they don’t have tourists in town and so the more we can be buying local, the more we’re helping put people back into jobs and supporting the jobs that still exist. But also being mindful that these are our friends and neighbors and that we need to support them.”

Now these businesses can use the Coulee Loot Club to send activities and fun opportunities directly to families at home.
If you want more information on the Coulee Loot Club just head to the coulee parenting website.