The Bike Shoppe gives bikes to kids

(LA CRESCENT) – The stay at home order did not stop this group of volunteers from giving back to their community. Sam Jandt, an attorney in La Crescent, spent his stay-at-home quarantine time fixing up children’s bikes. Bikes fixed up by The Bike Shoppe over the past three weeks are being left on a bike rack behind Corky’s Pizza. The bikes are free for families who need them.

“If you need a bike, get a bike. If you know someone who needs a bike, get a bike,” said Jandt.

He emphasized the use of the free bikes to keep children active. However, the repercussion; the joy of giving to others.

“The volunteers to give back and see an immediate impact on the community when the bikes that you’re working on when you leave that day or you do go to the hardware store, you see a child riding the bike you just fixed, that’s really kind of nice,” said Jandt.

The Bike Shoppe also sells refurbished bikes, and Jandt said they are planning to reopen on June 6th.