‘The 39 Steps’ has 4 actors playing 150 roles in La Crosse

Tony Award winning show to be performed at Community Theatre

It takes weeks of preparation for actors to take on the role of characters on the stage.

Imagine the challenge four actors face to create 150 different personae. That’s the task ahead for the people involved in “The 39 Steps.”

The La Crosse Community Theater will be putting on the Tony Award winning show in late October. The show is based on an Alfred Hitchcock Movie with the same name. The director says it’s a low tech show that will keep you laughing for 90 minutes.

“They’ve got to make all the characters physically different from one another, vocally different from one another, and of course, just the sheer energy it’s going to take to do this, because they’re having to switch characters in an instant, and scenes are moving so quickly,” said La Crosse Community Theatre Artistic Director Greg Parmeter.

The show opens October 24 at the Weber Center for the Arts.