Temperatures have been warm lately, but will cool down this week

Sunday 1/17/21: High 31/ Low 28 

If you’ve been feeling like this winter has been warm, you’re not wrong. This meteorological winter (Dec.1-Jan.14) tied with the 1997-98 and 2019-2020 winter as the 13th warmest on record.

Temp History Last 2 Weeks

This time last year we were sitting at 26 degrees as the high. That temperature is our average high for this time of year.

2020 Last Year Vs This Year

Tonight clouds will continue to linger over our region. Potentially dropping some light snow or flurries. Overall, we’ll see continued cloud cover into this week.

Skytracker Regional Rpm

For the week ahead, temperatures will stay around average until Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll see warmer temps but breezier winds, between 15-20 mph gusts. Cooler air moves in on Friday and Saturday bringing temps in the single digits overnight. Into Sunday, a disturbance brings a chance of snow that will linger into Monday. If you stuck your shovel back in the garage, put it closer to the door because you may need to pull it back out next week.