Teens learn about vehicle control techniques

Gundersen hosts Teen Car Control Clinic

If you were driving your car and suddenly lost control, what would you do?

That was the question of Sunday’s Teen Car Control Clinic.

Gundersen Health Clinic’s Division of Trauma taught teen drivers about vehicle control techniques in a controlled environment. Organizers say this session is important because teens account for more than 12% of vehicle accidents.

While they start in a classroom the lesson goes beyond a simple lecture.

“Everything we do is learn by doing. We try to make the conversation in the classroom as short as possible and as much time in the car as possible so they really learn and ingrain those skills, cause we can read books and we can hear stories about it, and we can hear, you know, scary stories about what can happen in life, but until we go through it from our experience we just don’t know,” said Teen Car Control Clinic Chief Instructor Nick Roush.

About 60 teens attended Sunday’s clinic.