Teen car clinic helping young drivers

A Gundersen Health System sponsored driving clinic is teaching new drivers how to handle different situations on the road.

While it may not sound like the most fun way to spend your day, one Holmen teen says the lessons he learned at the clinic helped him avoid a serious accident.

Tyler Cook wasn’t excited to be going to the clinic, but eventually found himself enjoying himself and learning invaluable lessons. And that knowledge was put to the test a couple months later, when a wild turkey ran out in front of his car while he was driving.

“All of a sudden the turkey, without notice, ran into the middle of the road,” said Cook. “I was going roughly 50, and I figured instead of me swerving into a tree, I would rather brace, hit the brakes like I was taught, and take on the turkey instead.”

Cook credited the clinic with helping him stay calm and make the right decision behind the wheel, something he says he wouldn’t have known to do if he hadn’t attended the clinic.

The next teen car clinic is October seventh and eighth. The deadline to register for that class is Saturday, September 30. A fifty dollar deposit is required when you sign up. More information can be found on Gundersen’s website.