Teal Pumpkin Project gives alternatives for kids with food allergies this Halloween

A teal pumpkin indicate houses that are safe stops for kids with food allergies

We’re just a couple weeks away from Halloween, but the holiday isn’t all ‘treats’ for kids who suffer from food allergies.

Candy and other foods containing nuts can lead to life-threatening reactions for some kids.

That’s why a national group known as ‘FARE’ organized the Teal Pumpkin Project last year.

Houses offering treats without nuts or other items like glow sticks or bubble gum are encouraged to leave a teal pumpkin outside their door to show it’s a safe stop for kids with food allergies.

Allergists say the program gives all kids a chance to enjoy the holiday.

“For the children who have these allergies this is really unfair, because everybody is looking forward to these kinds of activities and these children feel not just isolated from the rest of the community, sometimes they even feel threatened,” says Allergy Associates of La Crosse’s Demetrios Theodoropoulos

If you want to take part in the Teal Pumpkin Project but can’t get your hands on one you can also download signs at food-allergy.com to show you’re participating.