Taxpayer dollars for Twinkies vs. apples

Do you know what food your tax dollars are supporting?

The Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group, or WISPIRG, is trying to raise awareness on the issue.

In the latest report, members found an overwhelming amount of federal taxpayer dollars support products that go into junk food like high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oils.

To put it in perspective, WISPIRG says the subsidies given to fresh fruits and vegetables would buy every Wisconsinite half of an apple while the junk food subsidies could give everyone 20 Twinkies.

“Everyone can agree that there is government waste and this is something most people can agree is really a bipartisan issue of where our tax dollars should not be going,” said WISPIRG Campaign Coordinator Eric Prudent.

The group is pushing for a reform of the subsidies which are part of the Farm Bill that expires in September.

Recent legislation by both bodies of congress will continue these subsidies.