Tavern League leaders in La Crosse encourage establishments to maintain safety guidelines

Bars and restaurants can open following the ruling

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) –  Bars across Wisconsin opened for business following the Wisconsin Supreme Court striking down ‘stay at home’ orders in the state.

That includes right here in La Crosse.

The Tavern League of Wisconsin asked members to review the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s guidelines.

Local Tavern League leaders say they are encouraging owners to keep their customer’s safety in mind.

“I think people for the most part want to do it safely, because it could have bad repercussions if someone gets sick. So we want, we’re urging this. But we don’t have direct power over each individual bar or anything like that. We just give them guidance, tell them ‘please do it this way’. And most people, they respect their staff and their customers, they want them back safe,” said La Crosse City-County Tavern League president Michael Brown.

Bars are recommended to have distance between bar stools and discourage disconnected groups from sitting together.