Taste test puts La Crosse’s drinking water ‘best in state’

The city of La Crosse seems to be recognized around the state for a lot of different reasons. 

It can now add “best tasting water in the state” to the list. At least that’s according to the Wisconsin Rural Water Association.

The city was presented with the award Monday.

La Crosse was chosen through a taste test of 30 samples at the association’s annual conference.

The city’s utility manager says it’s not the first time he’s heard people like water. “Family members and things like that that come to the city, come to La Crosse, comment on the taste and the quality and everything that goes into it. So I think it’s real as far as people’s perception on what good water should taste like,” said Mark Johnson.

The utilities manager says this isn’t the first time for the recognition. La Crosse won the award about three years ago, and a different taste test a few years prior.