Tapping of the Golden Keg, Edelweiss Parade helps Oktoberfest celebrations get underway

An Oktoberfest staple got a special ride to the fest grounds Friday morning.

The Oktoberfest Royal family escorted the Golden Keg to its destination for the annual Edelweiss

The Golden Keg was delivered to the fest grounds from the City Brewery.

City Brewery brewmaster Randy Hughes says the annual procession has evolved over the years.

“The tapping has always been big, but in the last 15 years or so, it’s just gotten huge,” said Randy Hughes, City Brewery brewmaster.

Following the Golden Keg’s arrival, comes the tapping of the Keg.

The official opening ceremonies of Oktoberfest hosted thousands of festers.

Many festers get in line to for a taste of the ‘Golden Keg’ beer.

While the traditions remain the same … the Maple Leaf parade marshal says every year brings new experiences.

“It’s a time to get together and have fun and good fellowship, around a German tradition of gemutlichkeit. That’s what Oktoberfest is all about, gemutlichkeit,” said Neil Duresky, 2018 Maple Leaf Parade Marshal.

This is the third year Old Style Oktoberfest was in the Golden Keg.