Talk of the Town: Winona

100 Mile Garage Sale

There are all kinds of deals this weekend on the river road between Winona and Red Wing.

In fact, one hundred miles worth!
But as they say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Susan Drackley of Winona has been buying and selling for years and admits sometimes she has a hard time NOT buying other people’s stuff.

“I am a “re-purposer”! So I gather and then recreate and sometimes my gathering gets way ahead of my recreating. So I need to part with some things, Drackley chuckles.

Seems like there are a lot of people with the same idea to “re-purpose” things.

One long time garage sale enthusiast says, “These little things I can put herbs in, and I like pottery.”

But I did want to get a little more clarification from Drackley on the idea of “re-purposing”.

So I asked, “Okay but you wouldn’t say it ever gets to a point where someone might say your gathering crosses over the line into just getting a bunch of junk?” And Drackley said, “Well, we won’t talk to certain people about that, but yes it can.”

As a relative newcomer to “garage saling” I thought I’d pick something and have Drackley weigh in.

I showed her a pot containing bright green and blue strands of balls sticking out of it like a strange plant and asked, “Is this to be re-purposed or what would you pay for something like this?

Drackley said, “It can be re-purposed. I’ve had it in different arrangements and it’s just kind of a a free flowing …” she couldn’t quite describe what it was and we both laughed.

There is definitely a rhyme and reason to all this buying and selling of stuff and it mostly seems
to be cheap entertainment.

I asked them, “Is this just more a fun thing you like to do or is this a serious business thing too?”

Donna Bergmann and Susan Drackley answered at the same time, “Both!”

Bergmann said “We love doing it, yes! And we love making money! The two ladies laughed as they made change.

And there is a price range for everyone, just keep in mind that manners count when bargaining at a garage sale.

“Be reasonable, if I’ve got something marked at 10-dollars, don’t offer me 2. Come on,” says Drackley.

All this weekend you can browse 100 miles of garage sales, where you’ll find lots of things to re-purpose.

(Drackley also owns “The Front Porch Reimagined” which creates re-purposed gifts.)