Destiny Pictures: We had nothing to do with Trump video

The founder of Destiny Pictures, an independent production company in Hollywood, says that neither he nor his company were involved in the production of a short film made for the historic US-North Korean summit held in Singapore this week.

Video of teen's arrest prompts 2nd investigation of Mesa police

Bodycam video of a teenage boy's arrest has resulted in another internal investigation of the Mesa, Arizona, Police Department. This comes just days after the department was criticized over surveillance footage showing the violent arrest of a man in a separate incident.

Logan Paul apologizes for video of apparent suicide victim

Logan Paul posted a solemn video apology online Tuesday after intense criticism on social media over an earlier mea culpa about a YouTube post showing what appears to be a body hanging from a tree in a Japanese forest known for suicides.

White House defends anti-Muslim Trump tweets

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders defended President Donald Trump's decision to retweet a series of anti-Muslim videos from a British far-right account on Wednesday morning, telling reporters he circulated them to start a conversation about border security and immigration.

Video shows juveniles assaulting adult with disabilities

The Philadelphia Police Department has identified four juveniles they suspect were involved in an assault on a 39-year-old man with mental disabilities. The assault was videotaped by one of the juveniles and was discovered on social media on Monday, according to police.