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Ducks find path home through La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis (WKBT) - As the warm weather makes its way back to La Crosse, birds are beginning to migrate back home as well. During the fall we can see groups of ducks, geese, and other birds fly south…

Trump admin strips key provisions of Endangered Species Act

The Trump administration announced major changes it wants to make to parts of the Endangered Species Act that it argues loosen regulations while providing the best conservation results, but environmentalists warn the suggested changes to the 45-year-old law could harm species that need protection.

Trump's elephant trophy reversal comes as a surprise to many

President Donald Trump's move late Friday night to postpone a decision to allow the import of elephant hunting trophies from two African countries came as a surprise not only to interest groups, but also the US Fish and Wildlife Service employees who oversaw the proposed change in policy, a source with knowledge of the agency's process told CNN.