October Top Notch Teacher: Keachen Abing

High school can be a challenging time for many students. But to get through those challenges, one La Crosse advisor is giving his students a unique learning experience.

March 2016 Top Notch Teacher: Dorothy Hart

Teaching kids and hoping they learn something from you is one thing but to have the roles reversed after decades in the field is another, and one teacher in La Crosse wouldn't have it any other way.

December 2015 Top Notch Teacher: Elissa Kinstler

School is a busy time for students, whether it be studying for tests or holding down a part-time job, but there is one extracurricular activity that seems to be growing thanks to one teacher in Bangor.

November 2015 Top Notch Teacher: Andrea Kramer

In her nearly three decades in education, this month's Top Notch Teacher, Andrea Kramer, said her newest role is the most motivating and inspiring thing she has ever done. Her students say that passion makes her class the one they look forward to every day.

October 2015 Top Notch Teacher: Joe Cook

It's often hard to measure the impact a teacher has on a student's life but for Sparta High School teacher Joe Cook, it's easy to see the impact he has made on not only his students but the entire community of Sparta.