top notch teacher

Top Notch Teacher November 2019: Lori Meyer

Now in her 26th year of teaching, Lori Meyer believes education lays the foundation for everything else. That's why she works hard to get her students at Southern Bluffs Elementary to love learning. 

17th annual Top Notch Teacher Banquet

Teachers in our area were being honored for their excellence on Wednesday at the 17th annual Top Notch Teacher Banquet.

Top Notch Teacher: Brian Olson

After being in a certain job for so many years, sometimes we just need a bit of a change. Teacher Brian Olson knew he needed to shake things up after teaching the same subject for years, and what he did has become an important lesson for his students. 

Top Notch Teacher February 2019: Central's Charlie Stoflet

Even though he's been teaching for nearly 30 years, Charlie Stoflet brings something new to the classroom every day. He tries to keep students engaged through unique activities that go beyond the basic curriculum. 

Top Notch Teacher: Richard Moses

From record producer to choir teacher-- a high school teacher decided to pursue his passion. Richard Moses hopes to inspire students to follow their own path no matter where that takes them.

June's Top Notch Teacher: Deb Schams

It says a lot when someone stays with a job- working at the same place for years and years. But what does it mean when someone holds the same job for 36 years? That means you're family. 

Top Notch Teacher: March

Physical education classes have taken on a serious urgency through the years, as the nation's obesity rate hit alarming levels. One teacher at Sparta High School is challenging students to set goals so they can live healthier lives.