Prevent Skin Cancer with Sunscreen

In today's On Your Side Consumer Reports offers three simple steps to avoid skin cancer this summer and beyond.  

Shopping for Sunscreen

No matter your age or skin color, if you're going to be outside longer than a few minutes, you'll need to use sunscreen to protect yourself against skin cancer and wrinkles.   

No D-I-Y Sunscreen

Between Pinterest and Instagram and crafting competitions, everyone seems to be looking to DIY these days. But don't be tempted to do it with sunscreen.

Sunscreens: Best Protection

As summer approaches, make sure you don't get burned when buying sunscreen.

Does sunblock clothing work?

Covering up when you're outside can be a critical step to prevent skin cancer.

Super Sunscreens 6/14/15

Most dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen that delivers an SPF or sun protection factor of 30 of higher.