'The Chi' deftly brews up South Side story

Absorbing and organic from practically the get-go, "The Chi" will inevitably draw comparisons to "The Wire," the definitive drama about the perils of inner-city life. Yet this richly detailed look at intersecting paths, cutting across generations, quickly carves its own niche, one where tragedy begets tragedy, and vengeance comes with consequences.

Pro basketball returns to La Crosse this weekend

Professional basketball returns to La Crosse this weekend.The La Crosse Showtime has its first home game ever on Saturday, November 25th at the La Crosse Center.The center was awarded an expansion franchise by the American Basketball Association in 2016.…

'Putin Interviews' as much about Stone as Russian leader

Based on the first half of "The Putin Interviews," Showtime's four-hour event tells us as much about Oliver Stone as it does Vladimir Putin. In the process, Stone's earnestness opens the director to charges of being turned into a useful public-relations tool for the Russian leader.