Packers 27, Seahawks 17: 2-minute drill

From an improved run defense to Aaron Rodgers' ability to sense pressure and avoid it, the Packers found their way against their arch nemesis on Sunday night.

Packers get 'nice' win over Seahawks

Maybe the Packers didn't get to exact their revenge on the Seahawks for their epic collapse in the NFC Championship Game. But Sunday night's win certainly was an important step.

Rodgers: 'God was a Packer fan tonight'

Either Aaron Rodgers had some sort of religious epiphany – and now believes that the Lord Almighty does indeed care about professional football – or the Green Bay Packers quarterback did some next-level trolling of pious Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson after the Packers' 27-17 victory over Wilson's Seahawks Sunday night.