Juul maker to invest $30M to combat underage vaping

The maker of a much-debated e-cigarette that has grown popular with teenagers says it will spend $30 million in an effort to keep its products out of the hands of underage users.

News 8 Investigates: Because seconds count

Firefighters are there when we need them in times of emergencies, but in some areas of La Crosse, the time it takes to respond to those emergencies is falling short of the Fire Department's goal.

Disaster responders put skills to test

When a disaster strikes, first responders have to act fast and be knowledgeable. That's why beginning Tuesday, hundreds of members from dozens of response organizations are training in a readiness exercise called Patriot at Volk Field, complete with plenty of fake disasters.

Local emergency response put to the test

Local emergency personnel is answering whether the community is prepared for a tragedy by putting their skills to the test with a mass casualty crisis drill Tuesday.