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La Crosse Center board members look at next steps for major project

Following the mayor's veto of the La Crosse Center's expansion design and additional funding Monday, proponents said there are still ways to move the project forward. They have just over three weeks to gain enough support to override that veto during the next La Crosse Common Council meeting. 

La Crosse Street project sees movement after WisDOT meeting

City officials and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation are looking at ways to avoid a $22 million total reconstruction of La Crosse Street. The two parties met this week in an effort to come to an agreement about the extent of the work and how it could come together sooner than anticipated. 

Mayor calls for complete rebuild of La Crosse Street

The mayor of La Crosse said he wants to completely rebuild La Crosse street and make the Wisconsin Department of Transportation pay for it. He said because the 1.5 mile road is a connecting highway, the DOT should be the agency overseeing that construction, however the city can't wait any longer.