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Top Marine warns 'unplanned' tasks pose 'unacceptable risk'

The commandant of the US Marine Corps, Gen. Robert Neller, has warned acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan that a series of "unplanned and unbudgeted" tasks -- including President Donald Trump's decisions to deploy Marines to the southern border and to reallocate a portion of the defense budget to pay for the construction of a border wall -- has imposed an "unacceptable risk to Marine Corps combat readiness and solvency."

On this day: November 10

The Marine Corps is formed, Stanley meets Livingstone, "God Bless America" makes its debut, "Sesame Street" premieres, and the Edmund Fitzgerald is lost, all on this day.

Elite US marines under investigation over hazing allegations

At least five Marines assigned to the prestigious ceremonial Silent Drill Platoon in Washington were placed in pretrial confinement in recent days due to allegations they were involved in hazing at least one Marine at the unit, according to three defense officials.

Pentagon temporarily grounds new F-35 jets after crash

The Defense Department has temporarily grounded all of its 245 F-35 fighter jets for inspection of a potentially faulty engine part in the wake of last month's crash in South Carolina.

F-35B jet crashes in South Carolina

A US Marine Corps F-35B crashed Friday in Beaufort County, South Carolina, near Marine Corp Air Station Beaufort, a US military official told CNN.

US F-35 fighter jet poised for combat debut

The US Marine Corps' stealth F-35B Lightning fighter jet could fly its first combat mission within days, according to several US defense officials.

Vietnam veteran getting the recognition he never received

When military members returned from the Vietnam War, many were met with hostility by fellow Americans. While the past can't be changed, Freedom Honor Flight is hoping to show these veterans just how their service to our country is appreciated.

US military grounds aircraft in Djibouti after multiple accidents

At the request of the Djiboutian government, the US military has halted its air operations in the East African country, a critical location in the fight against terrorism, following two accidents involving military aircraft, three defense officials told CNN.