New Wis. bill could give more authority to municipal courts

Current state law says cities and towns cannot prosecute anyone caught with more than 25 grams of pot or anyone for their second offense. However, a new bill would give municipalities that option. It wouldn't change things in all cities in our area, but it would give most law enforcement and court systems more options.

Obama: Marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol

There actually is quite a difference between pot and alcohol, both on the medical side of things and the political side. The president talking about marijuana as the president shows a change in the times, but medically speaking pot has always been worse.

Authorities raid Minnesota marijuana-growing operation

Federal, state and local law officers seized thousands of marijuana plants from an eastern Minnesota field on Wednesday that they say would have had an estimated street value of more than $4 million, once harvested and sold.

Truman schools settle whistleblower lawsuit

The Truman School District in southern Minnesota will settle a lawsuit filed by a paraprofessional who said she was fired for being a whistleblower.