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Pertussis vaccine recommended for teens

A new study shows the best way to protect infants from the potentially fatal whooping cough disease is to protect teens first.

Local program helps mentally ill find employment

The unemployment rate for people with mental illnesses can be as high as 90 percent nationwide, but one local program is making strides in lowering that number here in La Crosse.

Bill would strip local mining regulations

Sand mining is an industry officials say needs constant supervision – but a proposed bill would strip some of that supervision from local government.

Hospitals address potential surge of newly insured

With more than 30,000 uninsured people living in Wisconsin, local hospitals could potentially be seeing a sudden surge in new patients if those uninsured are able to get enrolled via the online marketplace.

Experts warn of abduction dangers

The slam of a car door and a quick getaway down the street - it all takes just seconds for an abduction to happen.

Area schools see high enrollment numbers

Area schools saw an increase in student enrollment this year, and officials are hoping if the trend continues, they'll be able to secure more funding for their districts.