State, defense rest in day 8 of Todd Kendhammer trial

The high profile murder trial of Todd Kendhammer moved into its eighth day, with the defense calling family and friends to the stand. The defense was looking for answers to two main questions: what was Todd and Barbara Kendhammer's relationship like, and how did Todd seem at the hospital after the alleged pipe incident. 

Day 4 of the Kendhammer murder trial

The Todd Kendhammer murder trial continues Thursday as the jurors watch and listen to a four hour interview tape with investigators interrogating Kendhammer.

Kendhammer homicide trial begins

The murder trial for a West Salem man accused of killing his wife is underway beginning with jury selection early Monday morning.

The Kendhammer murder trial begins

The Todd Kendhammer 10-day murder trial began Monday morning with jury selection.The jurors have been selected and dismissed for the day. The jury is made up of 4 men and 11 women. Jurors will visit the crash site Tuesday morning.It…