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Roger Stone's trial will bring out memorable cast of characters

Investigators trying to determine whether Roger Stone obtained information from WikiLeaks first had to interview -- and in some cases legally battle with -- a conspiracy theorist, a stand-up comedian, a house painter fighting his subpoena, a White House adviser whose electronic history was apparently deleted and the so-called Manhattan Madam.

Jerome Corsi retracts InfoWars story

Right-wing author Jerome Corsi issued an apology on Monday and retracted an InfoWars story he wrote spreading a conspiracy theory about murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich.

Judge denies DOJ request to delay Corsi hearing

A federal judge has denied the Justice Department's request to delay a hearing in Jerome Corsi's lawsuit against special counsel Robert Mueller, in which he claims he is being unfairly targeted. The government had asked for a pause due to the ongoing partial government shutdown.

Corsi: Mueller team asked about 'Access Hollywood' tape, Stone's tweet

Special counsel Robert Mueller's team asked Jerome Corsi about his interactions with Roger Stone surrounding the "Access Hollywood" tape in October 2016 and whether he had helped Stone cover up his motivations for his now-famous tweet about the Podestas in August 2016, Corsi told CNN in an interview Tuesday.