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Book: Trump ordered Mattis to 'screw Amazon' on Pentagon contract

A new biography of former Defense Secretary James Mattis reports President Donald Trump personally got involved in who would win a major $10 billion contract to provide cloud computing services to the Pentagon, according to the website Task & Purpose, which writes about military issues,

Mattis laughs off Trump criticism

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis on Thursday laughed off the news that President Donald Trump had called him "the world's most overrated general," joking that he's not just an overrated general, but the greatest overrated general.

DOD approves book from ex-Mattis speechwriter

The Defense Department cleared an insider account of the Trump Pentagon from Secretary James Mattis' former speechwriter on Wednesday, averting a courtroom battle over accusations that the Defense Department had held up the book's release to benefit the former secretary.

Mattis may speak candidly about Trump before 2020 election

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis defended his reluctance to openly criticize the Trump administration Tuesday but also did not rule out speaking candidly before the 2020 election, telling CNN's Christiane Amanpour that "there will come a time when it is right" for him to do so.

Ex-Mattis aide sues Pentagon over delayed memoir

A top aide to former Defense Secretary James Mattis sued the Pentagon this week, claiming the Defense Department deliberately delayed the publication of a book detailing his time in the Trump administration so that Mattis' own memoir can be released first.